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Piratical Feminism

Feminist perspectives on PotC fandom and the Age of Sail

Feminist perspectives on PotC/AoS fandom
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Discussion of sexism, gender, and feminism in the PotC/AoS fandoms
This community is for fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the Age of Sail period who are interested in discussing sexism, feminism, and other gendered issues in the context of history, the source texts, and the associated fandoms.

We believe that the examination of sexist attitudes--our own and those of others--is appropriate in all areas of our lives, including fandom. We believe there is a place for critical feminist analysis of popular culture--which includes the Hollywood blockbusters and the fans' responses. We believe there is a place for discussing attitudes held by entertainers and by audiences about real and fictional women. We believe there is a place for recognizing problematic depictions of women and gender roles. We believe there is a place for appreciating active heroines and female agency in the stories that we love.

This is such a place.


erinya: erinya_13@yahoo.com

Banner artwork by fried_flamingo

The Code

1) Courtesy is paramount--these issues can raise strong feelings. Respect one another and try to have a sense of humor. Use "I" statements and "in my opinion."

2) As a corollary to Rule 1, disagreement does not equal disrespect. It's okay to have different perspectives on these topics. Don't take it personally. If someone challenges your premises, give their arguments serious consideration. It doesn't have to be about winning, so try not to be adversarial.

3) Don't make personal attacks on anyone inside or outside the community. Don't link to others' posts for the purpose of mockery. Criticize ideas, not persons.

4) You may freely link to any kind of public post in other users' individual journals and to public meta/discussion posts at other communities.

5) Public links to fanfiction posted in other communities may be included only with the author's permission. If you wish to post such a link without permission, you may do so in a locked post. This ensures that those links are only provided for the purposes of discussion, and that the discussion does not boil over into fanfiction communities.

6) You may not quote material from locked posts without the original poster's permission.

7) Keep the discussion within the community. Commenting politely on linked posts is okay, but don't bring your Serious Business elsewhere unless invited to do so. Flaming or trolling linked posts is a bannable offense.

8) Warn for triggers. If your post contains discussion of rape, sexual abuse/assault, or other potential PTSD triggers, please place it behind an LJ cut with an unequivocal warning.

9) Cut long posts. If it's longer than several long paragraphs, place your post behind a cut to save our friends lists. Learn about LJ-cuts and how to make them here.

Appropriate Topics

--Most discussions of AoS female characters or contemporary historical women

--Critical analysis of feminist/sexist themes in the PotC movies

--Discussion of motherhood, sexual politics, independent women, and gender inequality in the context of PotC or the Age of Sail

--Discussion of traditional gender roles, role reversals, crossdressing, and the like in the context of PotC or the Age of Sail

--Discussion of male attitudes towards and treatment of women in the AoS/PotC movies (relationships, prostitution, courtship, chauvinism)

--Discussion of privilege and marginalization in the AoS or the PotC movies

--Discussion of sexist attitudes in PotC/AoS fandom, negative treatment of female characters, and backlash against feminism

--Discussion of feminist trends in PotC/AoS fandom, positive depictions of female characters, female sexuality in fandom, and how fandom operates as a female space

--Discussion of the "gaze", male and female, how it's directed in the movies, and how it influences fandom

--Fanfic that addresses gender issues, challenges traditional gender roles, or corrects the franchise's dismal showing on the Mo Movie Measure. Well-developed OFCs are welcome. Slash that marginalizes female characters will be open to criticism, as will stories positing that a female character needs a male partner to complete her. Basically, if you post fic here, expect to have it interrogated from a feminist perspective.

--Discussions relating to sexuality, queer theory, and how the movies treat women of color

--Open questions for the community on any of these topics (i.e. you do not have to write a twenty-page dissertation, or even a two page essay, in order to start a discussion.)

--Graphics are okay to post, as long as the content relates directly to topics addressed in the community. However, this is not a good place for a generic icon dump.

--Anything AoS/PotC related not on this list that still relates to feminist concerns and women's issues

Inappropriate Topics

--Why It's Not About Feminism

--But What About the Mens?! (NOTE: Absolutely, feminist theory relates to both genders and sexism hurts men as well as women. However, this is not the place to talk about men's rights. The boys get enough love already.)

--Reverse Sexism (Similar to the above. There are other places to talk about how the female character(s?) oppress the poor men.)

--Character hate or bashing (male or female.) If you dislike a female character, prepare to examine the reasons why that might be.

--Axe-grinding against other fans

--Intentionally inflammatory/annoying posts (will earn the Instant Banhammer!)

--My Ship Is Better/More Feminist Than Your Ship (discussing and comparing pairings is okay, but try to be bipartisan)

Resources and Links

Yes, You Are: Sarah Bunting's amazing answer to the question, "Am I a good enough feminist?"

How Not to Be That Guy. We're all That Guy sometimes, even when we're all women, and synecdochic's post has a lot to teach about how to navigate our own privilege and prejudices.

Fandom Netiquette for Newbies: a Navigational Guide. I wrote this a while back and try to update it occasionally. People seem to find it helpful.

There Is No Hierarchy of Oppressions, by Audre Lorde. A good reminder not to enter the Oppression Olympics.

Wikipedia on intersectionality. If anyone has a better web resource on intersectionality theory, please share. This is at least a good introduction for those who are interested.

Please share your links to feminist meta on PotC and fandom!